Q and A

Who is a candidate for plastic surgery?

A good candidate is someone looking to improve or enhance their physical image in a realistic manner. Motivation for undergoing surgery should be personally driven, and not from wanting to change people’s perception of them, their social status, or reversing a life crisis.

How do you book consultation with Dr. James Wolfli?

Reconstructive procedures require referral letters from another physician. Esthetic consultation does not require a referral letter and appointments can be booked thru the office.

Is plastic surgery covered by insurance?

Alberta Health will cover reconstructive and functional procedures. Purely esthetic procedures are not covered, and therefore surgical fees must be paid for by the patient.

Is there financing available for esthetic procedures?

There are many companies that provide financing for elective surgery. Dr. Wolfli’s office can provide you with contact information to one of these firms.

Where is surgery performed?

Dr. Wolfli mainly operates at the Grey Nuns and University of Alberta Hospitals. Esthetic procedures are performed either at Alberta Surgical Centre or Meadowlark’s Cosmetic and Laser Surgical Centre.

What should I expect for post-operative recovery?

Recovery time after surgery depends on the type of surgery and unique recuperative abilities of each patient. In some procedures (i.e. tummy-tuck, sub muscular breast augmentation) it is important that the patient does not perform any heavy lifting (>10 lbs.) for 6 weeks after surgery. Review of post-operative instructions and expectations are important aspects of surgical planning.

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